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Lunch at L’Avenue Restaurant Paris

I am Tinah-Jo Simba, Creator of Simba Must Chop.

Simba Must Chop is a manifestation of my love and appreciation for good food and photography.

As the years go by, my love for restaurant dining, home cooking and photography is increasingly unstoppable. I love a great ambience, high-level services, splendid views, beautiful interiors and refined cooking . With all this in mind, I decided to create a blog and share my personal food exploration.

On this blog I share my honest opinion on my entire dining experience at restaurants and bars, some of my homemade recipes and food photography. So if you are a foodie, love exploring restaurants & bars, discover some recipes and enjoy food galleries, youโ€™re in the right place.

My reviews are based on positive experiences and of course they may include a few hiccups here & there. Positive reviews gives my readers reassurance to expect a comparatively pleasant or even better experience.

There is a disclaimer on every review post indicating whether I dined as a guest, offered complimentary/ commissioned meal or gifted. Complimentary/ commissioned meals and gifts do not make any of the restaurants or suppliers exempt from my honest reviews.

All photography and video content is my work unless stated otherwise.

 ‘I am not a judge, I just love food.’